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Junk Bracelet Pic =D

As promised, I took a picture of the bracelet I made. I love it so much... I think I want to sell them... The question is, how much? Anyway... Here it is:

And I'm starting to feel a little better... Still coughing like crazy but I'm not nearly as exhausted. Hopefully this week (my first full week of work) I will continue to improve.

Junk Bracelet

Today, I participated in a Junk Bracelet class, despite feeling disgustingly unwell. I didn't learn anything particularly new or groundbreaking but I did get given all sorts of fun bits and bobs to go on my bracelet. I'm thinking of making and selling them. Some of my bracelet charms include: a cufflink, a fake clock, an antique dice, 2 cat bells, some coloured glass beads, a mini paper booklet that I tore and burned, a couple of buttons, metal charms (a leaf, an elephant, a crown), a fuse, some gears, clock hands, a miniature bottle cap, a charred message in a mini bottle, a scrabble tile, a black dogtag, a piece of metal ruler, a piece of wooden ruler, a miniature lantern thing, a 20p coin, and a distressed fairy light. I will post pictures of it soon... I'm thinking that it is quite deliciously steamy. Can't wait to make some clothing to match =D It's not surprising that the class was rather steampunk since I discovered that the woman teaching had recently discovered steampunk. I gave her some inspirational links... So perhaps there might be some more in the future =D
I might try to get more productive tomorrow if I am feeling any better than today.
Site is still coming but way behind schedule =(

Personality Test

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Spontaneous Questions

40 of the MOST spontaneous questions ever.

1. Where were you 2 hours ago?
In the dining hall at camp.

2. What do you think of your last kiss?
It was sad... A quick kiss before I got in the car to go to the airport. I hate goodbye kisses.

3. Do you kiss a lot of people?
While I'm single I kiss a few. But not a lot.

4. Are you wearing socks right now?
Nope. My toes are cold too... Silly me.

5. When was the last time you went out of state?
Right now. And I am out of the country too.

6. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 day?
Nope. But on Saturday I will probably see Harry Potter.

7. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Camp "juice". It's more like cordial. Or more accurately, coloured water.

8. What are you wearing right now?
Cargos, Tamwood t-shirt and all my handmade camp jewellery.

9. What was your last purchase?
Hair removal cream, deo and Ribena LOL.

10. Last food you ate?
Vector with milk and pineapple. The only food available in the morning that doesn't make me wanna heave.

11. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
I think it was my mummy. Or Rod.

12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
Nope. But I'm looking for a new pair of shorts and a new hoodie.

13. Do you have a pets?
I have a dog and the most gorgeous kitty ever. I <3 him and I miss him so much.

14. What did you do last night?
Hung out in the teen lounge with the kids and then in the hall on level 2 with my girls. Then I chatted on the net and fell asleep.

15. What kinda car do you have?
A 1955 Morris Minor and a 90 something Lancer.

17. What is the last thing you purchased online?
I think it was my PP DVD box set or my Japanese military coat.

18. One thing you hate about yourself?
I'm too shy and awkward with people. And I am indecisive.

19. What's your favorite soup?
The only soup I like here is chicken noodle. But at home I love chunky pea and ham and pumpkin soup as well.

20. Do you miss anyone?
I miss my family. And my friends in Melbourne. And my friends in Perth. My friends in California. Mike and Sean and Rod and Brad and Amy too =(

21. Last movie you saw?
Identity or Cellular I think.

22. What are your plans for the day?
Enjoy my break until I go back to work, have lunch and take the girls to Kayaking... Then diner and evening activities and then I pass out in bed.

23. Did you have fun today?
It's only 11... I've only woken up the girls, had breakfast and hung out on the net.

24. Who is your last text message from?
Sean =D

25. What kind of cell phone do you have?
A Nokie 6280 or something like that.

26. What do you know about the future?
It doesn't really pan out according to plan.

27. Who was the last person you rode in a car with?
Steve, Justyna and Alicia from Base 2 to Res.

28. What are you looking forward to?
Going back to California to hang with Mike and Sean and going to Disneyland.

29. Do you have a tan?
I do now. I <3 camp sometimes.

30. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
I am not sure I want kids. I don't feel stable enough for it. And also pain. But I do like the,.

31. Did you meet anyone new today?
Not today... But yesterday... And the day before... And every day almost since I left Aus.

32. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
3 earrings in each ear. I'm planning on getting more.

33. How do you like your soda?:
Nice and cold with lots of fizz... Sometimes I like ice or alcohol in it.

34. Do you like hot sauce?
Sometimes... But my Mexican friends have it on everything.

35. What are you doing tomorrow?
It's my day off! But I'll be working in the morning... And then I will probably go down to the village and then veg in my room.

36. What day is tomorrow?
Thursday... Woo!

37. What is your current mood?
Tired, bored, calm, with a touch of pissed off.

38. Do you live in a house or trailer?
Neither. At the moment I live in staff housing with 210 kids and about 30 adults.

39. Do you like someone?
I most certainly do.

40. Why?
Because he's sweet and funny and cute. I just wish we could be together. Long distance sucks.


Update from Canada Land

Okay, so just another update on Canada land.

Yesterday I was really really really sick. It was horrid. My throat was raw and my head was pounding and I had a fever. It was gross. But I was still having fun. Like I said, the people here are totally awesome. I just have so much fun around them. Even though I was a little down, everyone's energy levels kept me going.

We did a bunch of training stuff and spent most of the day painting signs and posters for around camp. I seriously painted the coolest Welcome Tamwood sign ever. I even painted the maple leaves from memory almost perfectly. And I added glitter and everyone was just so impressed. We didn't do much else just spent the day being social and painting. I skipped dinner and went to sleep early.

We had a late morning today which was nice. I woke feeling heaps better except for my cough and sore throat. My mum called and I got to catch up with her 'cos I miss her [<3] We had lunch which was nice as usual. And we ordered hot chocolates... OMG! Best hot chocolates ever! I'd forgotten how much hot chocolate with cream perks me up. After lunch, we went to the sites just to see where they all are. Going to the rock climbing was fun 'cos you have to scramble over rocks and trees and bushes and stuff to get to the actual climbing site.

After going to all the sites, we came back to camp, had our test and then had dinner. We then came back to camp and went through the procedures tomorrow. Megan and I get the first group of kids when they arrive back at camp. Luckily, we don't have to go to the airport so we get a latish morning. But that means we have to make beds and clean up and stuff until the kids arrive and we can do intake and put them to bed. I'm so excited and nervous about the arrival of the kids!

So yeah, I'm alive and having fun. I miss some of my friends from home... But this experience so far is just so amazing. Oh and I've gotten heaps stronger in just the week I've been away. The muscles in my arms are stronger and so are my calves and thighs. Hopefully I get fitter too.

Trip so far!

I had fun in LA. Meeting Mike was awesome and his friends are really cool. There's so many cats too! I missed my first flight to Vancouver though... So I caught one the next day which was fine cos it gave me more time to hang out in Burbank with everyone and stuff =D

So on Monday I got my flight to Vancouver, realising I didn't have my documents to get into the country. Silly me. So I came in as just a holiday and decided to sort it out in the morning. I met a Scottish, a Canadian and an Irish girl in my room at the hostel, and they took me drinking. We bumped into some guys doing a pub crawl so we joined in. I talked to heaps of different people from all over the world but in the end I called it a night around 11pm. Mum woke me at 1am with a question about the computer at home lol. I slept till 4am when one of the girls came home (she had to get up at 8 for a tour and there was drama with that.

The next morning I printed out the documents and called to find out what to do. I had to catch a bus down to the border, cross to America, come back and re enter lol! I caught 3 buses to get there and I was running late but luckily there was a lady trying to get the same place so we shared a taxi. Apparently I'm not scared of taxis anymore. I did the border stuff which took far too long, called a taxi to the bus stop and bumped into the same lady. Caught 3 more buses to the airport and then met my group.

We then caught the bus to Whistler. Got settled in, ate pizza and found our rooms. I was alone that night and I was a little sad cos it was kinda lonely.

Today, we had heaps of training. It started with a meeting in the morning in the lounge, then a hike down the mountain to brekkie. Then a hike back up the mountain, talking through heaps of info, a break (I saw a bear for the first time! There was a mother and her two cubs!) Then more info and talking, then down the mountain for lunch, and back up. Then we had a test on ll the information, and back down for dinner. We had a scavenger hunt around Whistler (we came second) and back up the mountain where I've been online for a bit. But I'm so exhausted, my head and calves and eyes are pounding. My throat is killing me but it's all been so cool!

Pics from Japan

Just thought I'd show you all some pictures from Japan. There's more but I've lost the disc. http://www.sheezyart.com/view/1020345/



I'm off to Japan in 11 days!!

Colour Quiz

ColorQuiz.com Kwana took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Fascinated by the idea of an idealized association..."

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Happy 18th Me