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Yesterday was an awful day. All day on the radio I heard about the people in Mumbai. It didn't really have any effect on me until about lunchtime when I head two words that made my stomach drop... "Brooke Satchwell" I hadn't even known she was over there. I was shocked. I bolted to the car where Mum was just pulling out. She rolled down the window and I said, "Brooke's in Mumbai". Mum didn't understand so I explained. I said she must be okay... She was on the radio. All day, reports came through... I guess we were lucky, Brooke's every movement was followed from that point on. And there was a segment on every news show about her. Everytime I heard her voice I cried but it was such a relief. Her stories scared me but it was wonderful to hear her say things that are just so her like when she mentioned in one interview that her mum was about to take her cat to the vet. She is a dork. Mum talked to my Aunt and then told me everything. The descriptions of what happened made me burst into tears every time. It was magnificent to see her and David on the webcam on the news. I sent Brooke a text the moment I was sure that it wouldn't get her into trouble. I finally got one a little while ago. It says, "Thanks your wishes mean the world. We are ok and taking good care of each other. Still holed up in the middle of the action waiting for airports to open up and safe passage out. Sending love. X" I'm finally almost calm. I hope she comes home safe soon. I need to see her to know she is really safe.


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Nov. 28th, 2008 03:21 am (UTC)
I feel bad for saying it but the fact that she's a famous australia mean that they won't really go after her (cause they want Yanks and brits) and that our goverment will do anything they can to help her.

Try not to worry babe, she'll be home before you know it
Nov. 28th, 2008 05:48 am (UTC)
She's not THAT famous. Especially not in India. And Australians got shot too. Just because they were targeting the Americans and the English didn't make it any less dangerous to be there with the fires, bombs, grenades and the shooting. She is safe now but it was still awful.
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